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Twilight Sparkle, a cute pony with perfect detailed fur and a warm smile, in a digital painting with soft shading and warm lighting.
model: Pony v3.1alpha
seed: 4272440295
scale: 10
steps: 45 K_EULER_A [512 x 768]
book, perfect face, cute pony body, solo, full body, detailed fur, wool, pony pony, cute pony smile,4K, High quality, perfect detailed,digital painting, soft shading, warm lighting, Fantasy art, pretty face, Twilight Sparkle
Negative prompt:
poorly drawn, paws, claw, bad anatomy, human, anthro, breast, horse face, Bad proportions, Glitch, blurry,Signature, watermark

safe2119475 ai content12886 ai generated11907 generator:purplesmart.ai2169 generator:stable diffusion6901 twilight sparkle349956 pony1548121 unicorn513108 g41933937 blurry background2187 book42176 chest fluff61872 colored pupils13005 cute257441 double mane76 ear fluff47544 female1742171 fluffy18541 looking at you246550 mare704157 prompt in description332 raised hoof66651 smiling377483 smiling at you21573 soft shading195 solo1382949 standing22824 the quality of ai art is frightening172 twiabetes14964 unicorn twilight31416


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