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Dedication… Destiny… Divinity… All this, for you My Little Ponies
What an adorkable princess
I decided to try a newish style for the last prompt. I’ve frequently wanted to draw more epic and elegant anatomy, sorta more realistic horse befitting of alicorns. Every time I tended to revise the proportions to cuter, but this time I think I got a pretty good attempt. Not as realistic as I would have liked, but I suppose it still has my typical style. Of course I draw Twilight once again, I often have trouble with her hairstyle, and her princess hair made it no less easy trying to balance the composition–and my goodness that shading….
Aaaahhh done! I did it! ALL 30 prompts completed with no lateness (officially). Geez what challenge just as I remember like the past six or so ATG events I’ve completed. I’m surprised I managed, as a week before the start of the event I questioned whether I would even have time; I hadn’t done ATG the past two years. My artist side is going to miss the daily strife to draw, but my pragmatic side knows I need to regain sleep. Maybe I’ll consider ATG again next year, but I definitely want to keep the art going. I’ve got some personal projects lines up again, but now I have lots of sketches I can color (though maybe after a month I’d hate them and would want to redraw)
Thank y’all for following along, now you won’t be spammed daily by my mediocre art. The comments were VERY motivating and I hope I was able to illustrate some interesting ideas.
Sketch for Equestria Daily’s Artist Training Ground XIII Day 30
Prompt: Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony making their dreams come true
Twinkly mane Princess Twilight Sparkle from that toy company

safe2116653 artist:novaintellus236 twilight sparkle349728 alicorn302506 pony1477889 g41925748 the last problem7824 cloud41602 crown28588 flying52697 hoof shoes9064 jewelry106676 older37755 older twilight3196 peytral6668 princess twilight 2.03651 regalia34664 signature41431 sky21923 solo1380918 spread wings88299 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145980 wings207691


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