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friends reacting to the emotional scene.

more spoiler: the big blue changeling is a princess of the hive, the minor of the three
a strong emotion or collective emotion can activate the crystal heart, I suppose because wheatley’s crystal heart affects the entire colony even twi clown, our stoic friend for a brief period.
note: she says that she is not.

the changeling with red glasses is the secretary of the queen.

safe2155181 artist:wheatley r.h.350 derpibooru exclusive39940 oc936810 oc only680168 oc:myoozik the dragon173 oc:reina nekchiua4 oc:twi clown87 oc:w. rhinestone eyes192 changeling65152 changeling larva240 changeling queen23596 dragon84305 honeypot changeling120 pony1583146 unicorn529196 shadow play1466 anklet1515 australium34 bag9396 bat wings16262 belly42476 big belly19464 blue changeling2548 bowtie14663 bracelet15312 broom2470 changeling egg270 changeling guard123 changeling hive854 changeling magic110 changeling oc10988 changeling princess56 changeling queen oc2175 clipboard1750 clone3460 clothes625945 clown1212 clown makeup412 clown nose613 comic134182 crying54980 dragon oc1806 explorer outfit130 female1781956 food100023 game boy425 glasses87323 green changeling1434 hat122742 honey443 hoof hold12680 horn179555 hug37199 jewelry110814 macuahuitl39 magic95586 magnifying glass508 male543387 mare728747 mother and child5875 mother and son4261 necklace31822 non-pony oc2217 pen1601 raised hoof68522 red nose1079 rock6141 secretary409 shirt39552 size difference20909 spanish5337 stallion191846 stuck3727 team fortress 27021 tears of joy3458 telekinesis38599 toe ring1047 top hat5590 unicorn oc29772 vector89333 vessel16 watermark23635 wings217279 yellow changeling1178


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