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Head in the Clouds - atg 2023
Twilight may have gone a bit overboard with that size spell.
ATG Day 19(Makeup): Draw a pony daydreaming / Draw a pony with their head in the clouds.

safe2117110 artist:arcane-thunder154 rainbow dash272780 starlight glimmer58548 twilight sparkle349738 alicorn302596 pegasus471090 pony1478278 unicorn512205 g41926507 2023694 atg 2023764 butt219056 cute256989 featureless crotch8853 female1738806 flying52716 frog (hoof)19299 giant pony5786 giantess5950 glimmerbetes4705 head in the clouds (literal)1 macro14466 mare702568 newbie artist training grounds8310 open mouth224987 open smile26240 plot136001 sitting88271 size difference20264 smiling376436 tree45983 trio23934 twiabetes14948 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146002 underhoof66590


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