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July 9, 2023 at 6:12:29 AM UTC
– Twi with Hoshino Ai eyes! (Oshi no ko)

safe2116480 artist:lerkfruitbat28 twilight sparkle349703 alicorn302465 pony1477687 g41838540 ai hoshino18 blushing261507 chest fluff61738 cute256879 ear fluff47426 eyebrows21499 eyebrows visible through hair10140 female1738284 fluffy18501 folded wings17642 glowing17140 glowing eyes14846 glowing horn28074 horn139455 looking at you245979 magic93682 mare702233 oshi no ko23 raised eyebrow9240 side view3461 signature41430 simple background568637 smiling376268 smiling at you21381 solo1380679 sparkles8091 starry eyes5303 tail88729 traditional art139665 twi hoshino17 twiabetes14942 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145965 wings207646


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