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It’s been a month now that Chapter 4 of Make your Mark was released, although the first episode was a special called “Bridlewoodstock” which you guys already know that. But the new chapter also included 6 new episodes and it’s probably regarded as the best chapter yet and I agree.
The episode I loved in particular is “Missed the mark” as this is where we finally get to see Misty finally redeeming herself after successfully dragonnapping Sparky and feeling guilty on her actions, She gets the mane 5’s help but they end up getting captured and turned their backs on Misty.
Misty is now choosing a side and she ends up saving the Mane 5 finally earning her official Cutie Mark that she has struggled throughout the series and together they hatched a plan on rescuing Sparky.
Izzy and Pipp tied up Misty to Opaline’s throne pretending they are holding misty hostage while Hitch and Zipp get Sparky. Sunny is finally face to face with Opaline as they began their Alicorn magic duel, Izzy and Pipp helped for a while only to get trapped themselves from Opaline as it’s now Just Sunny and Opaline fighting it off.
You guys already know how the episode ends as Sunny’s friends along with Misty used their special cutie mark power ups to help sunny beat Opaline and so Sunny leaves Opaline in the same bubble spell from earlier. And in the aftermath back at the Brighthouse Misty apologizes on her actions and about to give back their friendship bracelet they made for her to them, only to have them Forgive her and (kind a) made her into a 6th member as Misty is still staying at Opaline’s castle only to keep up on her next moves.
Either way I always wanted to make this into a actual art, but sadly there isn’t a lot of G5 backgrounds too much found either on here or on Derpibooru. I was going to try and see if I can try drawing Opaline’s throne Room at one point. but I found a “so called” background that I wanted to use and I did a few alterations and different lighting to make it look a little bit to make it look like the MYM style.
It’s what I can work with, but I think it’s got the job done. the fun part was making the magic aurora and the flame wings and horn on both sunny and Opaline as well making the bubble trap spell. misty in vines was tricky and went with using transparent vines and alter the Colours and tried to make it look animated and not to realistic, not perfect but again it’s gets the job done.
Either way hope you like it, and if there’s a round 2 of Sunny fighting Opaline in chapter 5 or 6, I’m making that next.

safe2119556 artist:ejlightning007arts1291 izzy moonbow19626 misty brightdawn6673 opaline arcana2795 pipp petals18923 sunny starscout19053 alicorn303064 pegasus472434 pony1548209 unicorn513143 g41933958 g566651 missing the mark304 my little pony: make your mark9905 my little pony: make your mark chapter 42318 spoiler:g528242 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark6731 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 42281 spoiler:mymc04e07302 badass3713 bondage44912 bracelet14841 butt219352 coat markings12070 epic1423 fiery wings254 fight7301 fire15264 flying52819 furious456 g5 to g41703 generation leap9513 glowing17490 glowing horn28202 good vs evil74 horn173195 jewelry107226 magic93817 mane stripe sunny6586 nervous8289 opaline's dark castle161 open mouth225832 plot136155 race swap20536 scene interpretation10655 sitting88457 sunny starbutt273 sunnycorn1494 throne4208 together tree23 tree46163 vine1844 vine bondage208 watching1861 watermark23102 wings208719


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