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safe2119482 artist:kaff_i11 hitch trailblazer12530 sparky sparkeroni3385 zipp storm15093 dragon81437 earth pony423939 pegasus472399 pony1548127 g566640 adorazipp1030 anatomically incorrect5265 baby15851 baby dragon3992 blanket7234 blaze (coat marking)3428 chest fluff61872 coat markings12062 couch11959 cuddling10387 cute257442 drool33379 eyes closed133825 facial markings5401 female1742179 hitchbetes550 hitchzipp375 hug36367 incorrect leg anatomy2092 male529915 mare704160 pale belly2749 shipping246028 signature41526 simple background569757 sleeping28614 socks (coat markings)7286 sparkybetes339 stallion184484 straight172468 unshorn fetlocks43242 watermark23101


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With the few question when hitch trailblazer awakes to wonder how he got a wet chest when zip storm is questioned for drooling as she was sound asleep also with sparky.