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safe2115940 artist:xiaowu0773 part of a set22038 hitch trailblazer12341 izzy moonbow19446 dragon81137 earth pony422225 pony1477069 unicorn511758 g565626 arrested246 baby15717 baby dragon3878 ball5405 blaze (coat marking)3410 coat markings11978 crying54068 cuffs6255 dialogue88841 dragons riding ponies846 facial markings5370 female1737671 floppy ears70205 high res103158 hoof heart1823 horn139363 horn impalement960 hornball838 izzy impaling things169 izzy's tennis ball1186 izzyhitch112 looking at each other32083 looking at someone13115 male528632 mare701896 pale belly2731 riding8930 shipping245726 signature41413 simple background568354 sitting88193 socks (coat markings)7239 sparky riding hitch trailblazer21 sports5418 stallion183622 standing22725 straight172274 tennis248 tennis ball1513 trio23873 underhoof66562 unshorn fetlocks43108 upset1568 white background151548


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don't drink and tag
Дружба — дружбой, а служба — службой.
By the way, your Isadoras are of the cutest ones on the ’booru.