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Working with the new model (pony diffusion V5) to see what limits can be pushed in the world of AI pone. So many great prompters out there these days, I feel like I’m always falling behind the curve.
anyway, this one was a pretty minor touch up from the original as you can see, mostly corrected the wings, cutiemark and tail. some minor work was done to make the pupils a bit more rounded, cleaned up some artifacting, that sort of thing. There was also a bit of custom training behind the scenes as I was experimenting with bringing forward my old Zipp LoRA into V5.

safe2117940 ai content12805 ai generated11830 editor:craft70 generator:purplesmart.ai2156 generator:stable diffusion6867 zipp storm14987 pegasus471428 pony1479105 g566076 adorasexy12265 adorazipp1017 beautiful8027 beautisexy1718 bedroom eyes79178 butt219167 chest fluff61792 colored wings12923 cute257157 ear fluff47484 eyebrows21588 female1739542 folded wings17686 gradient background22462 lidded eyes45174 looking at you246332 mare703139 multicolored wings5046 plot136061 seductive4832 seductive look3493 sexy43785 smiling376793 smiling at you21498 solo1381813 stupid sexy zipp storm120 wings208120 zippbutt285


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