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This is something experimental that I started some time ago practicing with other brushes. It is a recreation of the original work “El Aquelarre” in this case I will call it “Summer Sun Celebration” because it has nothing to do with the purpose of a coven.

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safe2117930 artist:derpx1668 apple bloom58884 applejack196162 cup cake4827 derpy hooves56322 fluttershy252026 granny smith6011 minuette6736 pinkie pie250000 princess celestia110391 rainbow dash272850 rarity212904 scootaloo57824 spike90671 sweetie belle55714 twilight sparkle349819 dragon81285 earth pony423200 parasprite2235 pegasus471426 pony1479100 unicorn512552 g41926675 applebutt6353 balloonbutt6151 bipedal47610 butt219167 chubby16616 crown28645 cutie mark crusaders21978 female1739535 filly93761 fine art parody630 foal40274 food97253 holding a pony4235 hoof shoes9073 jewelry106894 mane seven7701 mane six36820 mare703138 peytral6735 plump8461 princess shoes877 rearity6958 regalia34733 spine231 sternocleidomastoid1299 summer sun celebration118 sweetie butt1195 thighs26351 thunder thighs15160 unicorn twilight31385 x eyes915


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