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š—”š—”š—§š—š š——š—®š˜† šŸ­šŸ“ + ā€œš—§š—µš—² š—¦š—²š—暝—¶š—²š˜€ā€ š—”š—¼. šŸÆšŸµ
Draw a pony experiencing a miracle / Draw a pony forging their own destiny + Gilda
No, Iā€™m not happy with this one. But I have no more time to throw at it, so what the hay

safe2114636 artist:zeepheru_pone79 gilda11056 pinkie pie249716 rainbow dash272538 earth pony421432 griffon35645 pegasus469716 pony1475294 g41238579 the lost treasure of griffonstone1180 atg 2023765 blurry background2169 climbing399 clothes610263 female1736320 hard hat908 hat119177 headlamp148 helmet15266 light2190 looking at someone13051 looking back82288 mare700921 mining helmet516 newbie artist training grounds8309 rope15358 scene interpretation10621 smiling375579 spread wings88068 trio23816 wings207097


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