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(derpibooru_p_95), twilight sparkle, unicorn, pony, solo, feral, detailed background, <lora:Twilight Sparkle:1>
Negative prompt: (derpibooru_p_low), anthro, simple background, patreon, watermark
Steps: 50, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 12, Size: 512x1024, Model hash: f9ad6f8833, Version: v1.2.1

safe2114317 ai content12452 ai generated11471 edit167541 generator:purplesmart.ai2114 generator:stable diffusion6705 prompter:mfg63715 twilight sparkle349392 pony1474959 unicorn510855 g41211713 absurd resolution66036 butt218401 cloud41535 cloudy6682 looking at you245443 looking back82255 looking back at you27404 night36369 night sky2693 plot135601 raised tail23835 sky21887 solo1378771 tail88222 twibutt8512 unicorn twilight31182


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