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Had to drive up into Canada and back, and my sim card decided not to work once I got out of the US. Finally back in the land of guns and cheeseburgers and can dump all the pictures I drew during my trip at once :P
This was going to be my Equestria Girls Anniversary submission, but I decided that was lazy and drew something original instead. Nevertheless, Sonata likes hugs though :P

safe2116461 artist:badumsquish2440 derpibooru exclusive38776 sonata dusk16064 siren2514 g41831965 annoyed6995 arms wide open157 belly41020 cute256876 eyes closed133539 female1738255 grin59934 looking at you245972 meme92152 my little pogchamp42 outstretched arms160 pink background5830 pogchamp88 scaled underbelly32 sharp teeth5988 simple background568626 smiling376258 solo1380667 speech bubble36753 teeth19483 true form276


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
@Dirty Bit
Sonata is at her cutest when she still acts like regular taco-loving Sonata… and is a 30 story tall fish :P
@Background Pony #E089
@Background Pony #E089
I don’t remember my actual reason for not including the gems in any of the pictures I ever did. I might have just forgot to do it in the first set of pictures, and stuck with it ever since. I do that quite a bit, like I forgot to give Sonata’s mom antennae, and so I decided to keep it that way since it implies maybe she lost them, or maybe some don’t have them :D
I just never worried too much since I actually took quite a few liberties with their designs, because when I first drew designs for the sirens the only canonical designs for them were their stylized storybook looks, and their projected energy forms from Equestria Girls:
Biggest difference of course is their colors, where I matched their colors to those from Equestria Girls since I found their eventual canon designs to be way too pale and drab:
I also gave them different scale designs, shaped their fins a little differently, and of course stylized their faces to make them look a lot friendlier than they ended up actually looking. Also I came up with slight gender differences: males have rounded muzzles and forward-facing antennae, while females have sharper faces and back-facing antennae :D
Don’t understand, just hug fishy :P
@Background Pony #5912
She’ll do the “lift you off the ground in a hug” thing in this form, so you gotta do that for her when she’s in her human form :D
Background Pony #E089
Honestly I only noticed cuz I’m drawing Sonata for the Event as a siren, otherwise I would’ve probably not realized because I barely keep track of EQG.
Background Pony #E089
Uhh, aren’t they missing the crystal thingies on their chest? These silly rubies? Sorry if I’m mean pointing that out, it still looks adorable!