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Since we’re still in the midst of pride month, I decided to do a remake of an old piece from last year.
A made a lot of changes from the original, such as the posses being different, I thought this would make it feel a bit more dynamic compared to the other one that felt a bit flat. I also changed Izzy’s expression to help give the piece more personality and life, including of changing Izzy’s pupils to hearts. One top of that I removed the paint that Izzy lathered herself in the last piece, and removed Sunny’s bandana since it would have been overshadowed by her mane anyways.
If you wanna see the original piece for yourself, here’s the link: https://derpibooru.org/images/2913595?q=artist%3Apassionpanther

safe2116104 artist:passionpanther83 izzy moonbow19463 sunny starscout18796 earth pony422310 pony1477344 unicorn511846 g565664 cheek kiss2999 duo156027 duo female27503 female1737896 gradient background22374 heart71776 heart eyes27979 izzyscout450 kissing31312 lesbian114693 mane stripe sunny6529 open mouth224810 shipping245741 wingding eyes37214


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