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Draw a pony up to their old tricks / Draw a pony acting fishy
“I caught an Izzy! Now I’m in a tizzy!”

safe2116503 artist:red45671062 hitch trailblazer12371 izzy moonbow19474 sunny starscout18809 earth pony422487 pony1477705 unicorn512006 g565730 3d117123 atg 2023764 blaze (coat marking)3415 bracelet14770 coat markings11997 dialogue88896 donut2866 facial markings5378 female1738298 fishing rod502 food97122 friendship bracelet741 hoof hold12301 jewelry106662 male528822 mare702246 newbie artist training grounds8310 open mouth224915 socks (coat markings)7254 source filmmaker65886 stallion183719 talking10080 trio23919 unamused23149 unicorn attack15 unshorn fetlocks43136


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Background Pony #D91A
I wonder what bait she uses for Zipp and Pipp?
For Zipp, a mystery to solve. For Pipp, a smartphone to take a selfie with.