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I’m not much of a sun person but when I do, I take my chances!
Happy Celestia Day \(^ω^)/
Upscaled, minor changes and redo the crown. The color of the crown made it a more yellowish to stand out Celestia’s bust armor.
(Not sure who really prompted this but I’ve added the links from both sites anyways)

safe2115856 ai content12610 ai generated11634 editor:wojtek-ツ6 generator:stable diffusion6803 princess celestia110333 alicorn302329 pony1476975 g41642637 armor30144 bust74772 crown28548 female1737590 horn139346 jewelry106569 mare701822 multicolored mane3981 peytral6641 portrait40297 regalia34614 solo1380143 sparkles8090 white coat1024 wings207451


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