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@Background Pony #CC4D

@midnight cloud

I believe you might be missing the point that she's supposed to look both slightly disturbing and slightly alluring at the same time. Her pose and the tounge suggest a sensual aspect, bordering on vulgar, yet the armor and ragged appearance are clear indicators of how dangerous and corrupt she is. This fits well with how she's portrayed in the show and comics. Something that potentially could be very seductive, but in her true form is very disturbing to most people.
Background Pony #D610
Okay, let's go with a compromise: it doesn't go far enough in either direction, creating a look of a gay rock band member who tries to look cool, but fails.

Either way, it's out of place and makes the pic look ridiculous.

@Background Pony
I disagree. If anything, I'd say her face looks TOO feminine compared to the rest of her body, if I HAD to give a critique of some sort to this pic. Check out this artist's other pic of Chrysalis. I think her head/face in that one was perfect.
Background Pony #D610
Her face looks so un-feminine and out of place in this otherwise spiky body that it's just plain ridiculous.
Background Pony #1EA9
That she can look so badass, and still get away with a cute little evil giggle makes her more real yet no less scary.

It tells you that when you face her you won't find an overblown jerk behind a more intimidating facade, you will find a big bad lady who will fucking kill or worse and she can easily do it HERSELF.