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new integrant of the family
Starlight never imagined that her love life as a family member would start especially with her childhood best friend, after all, friendship school was a very dynamic job all day. when starlight announced that she was having a baby, sunburst was worse than starlight in the mare’s pregnancy.he was in a panic from simple movements or whether she complained
In the end everything went well and he decided to call his daughter luster dawn
drawing of 2022, please….if you do not follow this headcanon its not necessary to comment your hate

safe2119535 artist:tikapony10 derpibooru exclusive38832 luster dawn2057 starlight glimmer58575 sunburst8583 pony1548178 unicorn513130 g41933944 baby15851 baby pony9052 beard5393 bed55235 cute257446 daaaaaaaaaaaw6647 facial hair9587 father772 father and child2376 father and daughter3747 female1742241 glasses85199 glimmerbetes4707 hospital1806 hospital bed668 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter139 lusterbetes171 male529928 mother and child5486 mother and daughter7937 newborn671 offspring49250 parent:starlight glimmer1887 parent:sunburst1520 parents:starburst695 ship:starburst1552 shipping246031 straight172471 sunbetes376


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