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Clean version of the cover for my story Remnant: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/521074/remnant

safe2117943 alternate version81363 artist:syrupyyy358 applejack196162 fluttershy252026 hitch trailblazer12431 izzy moonbow19525 misty brightdawn6610 pinkie pie250000 pipp petals18835 rainbow dash272851 rarity212905 sunny starscout18886 twilight sparkle349820 zipp storm14988 alicorn302725 earth pony423203 pegasus471430 pony1479106 unicorn512555 fanfic:remnant5 g41926675 g566078 corrupted twilight sparkle767 element of generosity1348 element of honesty1327 element of kindness1493 element of laughter1353 element of loyalty1550 elements of harmony2832 fanfic11279 fanfic art18199 fanfic cover1579 fanfic in the description272 female1739545 immortality blues736 male529343 mane five3744 mane seven7701 mane six36820 mane six (g5)632 mare703141 reflection4513 stained glass1788 stallion184078 textless version540 that magic was not yours to give38 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146035 twilight will outlive her friends131 wings208120


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What do you think would be Twilight’s downfall?
Luna’s was envy.
Celestia’s would be greed, if what little we saw of Daybreaker is an indication.
Twlight’s… I think it would be despair.
‘The struggle is pointless, the world is just a torture implement. The only sane choice is to smash it to pieces.’
Background Pony #7231
That would be an awesome final twist in G5. That Opaline is actually a red herring and the main villain is Twilight trying to fool Mane6 with her messages.