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safe2119179 artist:theretroart88294 part of a set22091 twilight sparkle349925 alicorn302937 pony1490219 g41933829 burger2607 cake12464 cheek bulge446 cute257405 drink8065 eating12945 female1741831 folded wings17714 food97344 glowing17474 glowing horn28194 hay burger797 herbivore2660 horn139961 levitation15738 magic93793 magic aura8468 mare703919 movie accurate1788 pizza2678 plate2598 signature41518 solo1382757 telekinesis37829 twiabetes14960 twilight burgkle656 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146090 wings208630


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Like Goku, Twilight needs to consume many many (many) thousands calories daily to maintain her magic metabolism and the high power levels of magic she uses