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safe2117165 artist:luminousdazzle402 hitch trailblazer12390 izzy moonbow19493 misty brightdawn6570 pipp petals18803 sunny starscout18826 zipp storm14954 earth pony422715 pegasus471101 pony1478310 unicorn512218 g565877 alternate mane color75 bag9028 blaze (coat marking)3420 bust74844 coat markings12011 cornrows340 cute256995 diadem449 facial markings5385 featured image1166 female1738839 fluttershy's cutie mark508 freckles41471 gradient background22424 gradient horn261 gradient mane2316 grin59951 group7145 group photo1011 headband5378 height difference1964 hitch is tall8 horn139595 izzy is tol63 jewelry106695 line-up1243 looking at you246153 male529082 mane five3733 mane six (g5)624 mane stripe sunny6543 mare702585 marelet53 multicolored mane3990 one of these things is not like the others501 pipp is short529 pipp is smol161 rainbow dash's cutie mark543 rebirth misty2371 regalia34673 royal sisters (g5)2473 saddle bag7966 sash634 sextet325 sheriff's badge310 short306 siblings19915 sisters16683 smiling376446 smiling at you21428 smol1259 stallion183934 twilight sparkle's cutie mark579 wall of tags6260


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Have just bought a DVD of the movie off eBay (Malaysian release with English audio). Looking forward to seeing it finally!
(Yes yes, streaming…I don’t do streaming, I’m old-school xD)
Background Pony #ED5C
@Background Pony #E5AC
Sorry, but their designs are nothing to write home with. I’ve tried to watch both the series and the movie, but only lasted 10 minutes before i got bored. They doesn’t interest me like g4 did.