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I’m truly in the mood for some traditional art and of course for my favourite pony, Spitfire!^^ I wanted to draw her elegantly wearing her Wonderbolt Suit since I rarely drew her with it, so here we go!
I don’t know why, but while I was working on this, I couldn’t help but have the “Stupid sexy Flender” meme running through my head XD Perhaps it’s the angle or tight clothing, but hey - the outcome is not too shabby, right? XD
I wanted it to be a simple drawing and I think I accomplished^^ Personally, I’m ok with the colouring, even if it’s not my best piece. I’ve noticed myself enjoying adding layers of Coloured Pencils on top of my Brushmarker work more and more, instead of using white markers around the edges as I did before. Coloured pencils make some details look sharper, more detailed or sometimes even help covering up issues/flaws.
So what do you think?^^ I hope, this drawing is appealing for you!
Time: About 3 Hours

safe2118064 artist:lupiarts741 spitfire15435 pegasus471488 pony1479213 g41928649 butt219188 clothes611716 copic161 drawing5471 ears up964 fanart2510 female1739679 folded wings17689 goggles17830 illustration471 jewelry106936 mare703223 markers352 necklace30568 plot136073 raised hoof66613 raised tail23942 sexy43840 simple background569326 solo1381906 spread wings88456 stupid sexy spitfire932 tail89121 traditional art139743 uniform15782 white background151875 wings208204 wonderbolts4319 wonderbolts uniform7244


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