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Rainbow makes her move. I don’t think the dance translates to well to non-pegasi.
ATG Day 2: Draw a pony making their move / Draw a pony Bursting with life.

safe2117917 artist:arcane-thunder154 applejack196162 rainbow dash272849 earth pony423197 pegasus471423 pony1479088 g41926672 atg 2023764 behaving like a bird738 confused6424 dancing10762 duo156469 duo female27569 face down ass up11035 female1739522 lesbian114742 mare703132 mating dance27 newbie artist training grounds8310 question mark6420 rainbird dash39 rainbow bird17 ship:appledash7558 shipping245925 spread wings88443 tail89055 tail wag1464 wavy mouth5306 wings208113


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