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safe2119474 artist:nekubi1004 applejack196238 pinkie pie250107 earth pony423938 pony1548121 g41933937 shadow play1454 2017751 applebutt6357 applejack is not amused1044 butt219337 butt touch7525 butthug479 cowboy hat24555 duo156815 eyebrows21732 faceful of ass2343 faic14650 female1742171 freckles41666 hat119676 hug36367 lidded eyes45246 looking at you246550 looking back82597 mare704157 out of context5063 pinkie hugging applejack's butt114 raised eyebrow9330 scene interpretation10654 shiny skin515 simple background569753 smiling377483 squishy3448 stetson5766 unamused23209 white background152054


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That gloss with that color on that butt makes it look like something out of a weird kind of fetish art: cooked human flesh. Sorry that’s where my mind went, but to quote one of those angry, handicapped Vietnam guys with the bandana on his head, I’ve seen some things man, and some stuff. I wouldn’t recommend it.