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POV: Twilight Sparkle offered to help you with your taxes, but you are insisting that the PS5 was a business expense.

safe2116008 artist:witchtaunter863 twilight sparkle349614 alicorn302364 pony1477147 g41642683 chest fluff61704 ear fluff47391 female1737776 floppy ears70207 glasses85033 lidded eyes45064 magic93662 mare701946 paper4454 simple background568389 solo1380264 taxes121 telekinesis37780 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145934 twilight sparkle is not amused1935 unamused23137


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Time to get spooky
“Bitch, your Youtube channel only has three COD montages from eight years ago, you only use Twitch to give money to women in bikinis, and you never heard of Kick until today. I’d let you file it to learn your lesson the hard way, but I’d be punished as well because I decided to help you.”