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nightmare moon has a soft spot for a certain sort of pony

safe2116536 artist:moonatik1402 derpy hooves56303 nightmare moon19951 alicorn302475 pegasus470856 pony1477794 g41925718 abstract background22974 alternate hairstyle36378 apron5629 autism282 clothes611087 concave belly2475 cute256892 duo156199 ethereal mane12747 ethereal tail1837 eyeshadow27594 female1738342 folded wings17643 food97125 gloves29072 glowing17153 glowing horn28081 hair bun5061 happy42665 height difference1956 helmet15286 hoof shoes9064 horn139466 lidded eyes45104 magic93688 magic aura8448 makeup37352 mare702298 muffin7391 nicemare moon268 open mouth224923 peytral6666 physique difference401 princess shoes873 sharp teeth5989 shirt38113 shoes56591 slim3590 standing22756 starry mane6848 starry tail832 tail88747 tail bun704 tall1046 teeth19494 telekinesis37790 thin2973 wings207668


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Take pride. 🌈
It’s cute, but it kinda seems like a backhanded compliment. Like “even though you’re autistic, you can still bake”
I doubt that was the intention though, so… upvoted :3