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She’s so mad, what the hell did y’all do? 🤨

safe2119700 artist:galaxy swirl270 rainbow dash272995 pegasus472490 pony1548600 g41934213 angry35561 blushing261915 cross-popping veins2633 dilated pupils877 double deuce26 ear fluff47567 emanata2300 feather fingers112 fuck you308 gradient background22503 graveyard of comments269 middle feather154 middle finger1414 rainbow dash is not amused971 solo1383119 unamused23209 vulgar24714 wing hands2862 wings208759


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Background Pony #FA25
Deletion reason: Rule #4/6 - ban evading, deeply triggered snowflake
Posted Report
Background Pony #196D
Deletion reason: Rule #4 whining about filterable content + #6 sockpuppeting