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Fluttershy having fun in the sun.
And in the water.

safe2115815 artist:pagophasia55 derpibooru exclusive38756 fluttershy251834 pegasus470543 pony1476914 g41642319 alternate hairstyle36366 blushing261380 bubble8018 clothes610757 cloud41587 colored hooves10851 crepuscular rays4463 cute256746 cutie mark eyes220 daytime293 eye reflection972 female1737510 hair bun5054 happy42635 hat119289 impossibly long eyelashes71 inner tube971 looking at you245814 mare701760 one-piece swimsuit6234 partially submerged503 pool toy1022 reflection4502 shyabetes18615 smiling376004 smiling at you21341 solo1380117 straw hat365 summer2030 sun8914 sun hat1409 swimming3885 swimsuit37791 underwater8570 unshorn fetlocks43101 water23183 wet11101 wingding eyes37163 wings207439


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