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safe2119482 artist:nire272 pipp petals18921 zipp storm15093 pegasus472399 pony1548126 g566640 black and white16807 card3281 crown28731 crying54129 defeated675 duo156817 duo female27640 exclamation point5434 eye clipping through hair13212 eyebrows21734 eyebrows visible through hair10199 female1742178 funny5272 grayscale47612 grin60114 high res103293 hoof heart1832 jewelry107204 mare704159 meme92222 monochrome171777 ponified meme2128 regalia34842 royal sisters (g5)2504 screaming4733 seto kaiba48 siblings19978 sisters16735 smiling377486 smug8707 surprised12380 underhoof66657 uno132 yu-gi-oh!1062 yugi muto35


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Not a great idea to be revealing your hand like that; usually it’s funnier to just let the hits come again and again on them, and seeing them seethe at it all.
Honestly, I could immediately tell this was by Nire, despite this not being something they usually do, because of those dang lips.
That’s always been a part of why I like their art so much, as those lips alone contribute so much to making the characters look so pretty and have strong emotions, and is certainly less taxing to draw than other manners.