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safe2119184 artist:murskme54 rainbow dash272950 pegasus472263 pony1490226 g41933830 asphalt29 bush4381 city6014 city lights27 complex background950 digital art28453 dripping7708 female1741835 high res103285 lamppost502 lighting733 mare703921 night36477 open mouth225739 outdoors19785 painting4607 puddle1245 railing355 rain7661 raised hoof66641 reflection4514 road1162 scenery10111 scenery porn1089 shadow6659 solo1382763 spread wings88580 standing22818 street lights35 streetlight494 turned head1688 wet11134 wet mane6274 wings208633


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nobody's favorite
“Got caught in a rainstorm coming home from work. Wouldn’t be so bad except I’M ON THE WEATHER TEAM. fml.”
Background Pony #61D4
Background and Lighting look fantastic. So much so that RD really kind of stands out from the image due to contrast of style/realism. If that was the intended effect, good job.