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Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, are eating at Sugarcube Corner
Commission is open, here’s for more info
No background version >>3147372
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safe2119702 artist:cyanlightning1160 apple bloom58916 scootaloo57854 sweetie belle55737 earth pony424048 pegasus472491 pony1548602 unicorn513227 g41934213 .svg available10556 absurd resolution66096 apple bloom's bow3159 balloon12691 bow42657 cake12470 chair11292 chest fluff61899 cupcake6764 drink8073 drinking4983 eating12953 female1745969 filly93902 foal40411 food97397 hair bow24318 milkshake1954 open mouth225860 sitting88460 soda2012 sugarcube corner3053 table12527 tongue out141600 trio24049 vector88196 window13013


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