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Merry Christmas~~~
Characters (Left to right): Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie, Limestone Pie, Marble Pie

safe2116926 artist:vanillafox2035158 limestone pie6025 marble pie8022 maud pie14660 pinkie pie249941 earth pony422644 pony1478139 g41925761 20151128 blushing261491 christmas19054 christmas ornament339 cute256963 decoration916 diapinkes12308 eyes closed133541 female1738633 floppy ears70256 grin59942 gritted teeth18512 hair over one eye12358 hat119438 holiday32110 holly2121 limabetes300 marblebetes792 maudabetes550 merry christmas642 old art3137 onomatopoeia7761 open mouth224956 outline2262 pie sisters1515 santa hat7815 siblings19906 signature41437 sisters16675 sleeping28576 smiling376367 snoring1151 sound effects3747 teeth19515 zzz3235


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