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Yellow 🐴

safe2117108 artist:nookprint159 fluttershy251972 pegasus471090 pony1478277 g41926506 alternate hairstyle36378 bathrobe1700 butt219056 butterfly hairpin183 cherry blossoms1012 clothes611295 cute256989 daaaaaaaaaaaw6635 female1738805 flower37370 flower blossom833 high res103204 looking at you246147 lying down41770 mare702567 on side8987 pillow24549 plot136001 robe4728 shyabetes18630 smiling376436 smiling at you21424 solo1381217 underhoof66590


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Sunny Starscout fan
This is one amazing image. You know an image is good when it 1) gets to 1000 upvotes without being featured (though I do think this is a compelling candidate to be featured in the future) and 2) getting to 1,000 upvotes without any downvotes.
Congratulations, Nookprint, you officially created one of the most consistently well-loved images on the platform (and likely the most well loved image of 2023). And it couldn’t have happened to a more beautiful pony.