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You’re lost in thought again, enraptured by the energetic pegasus across from you. Rainbow Dash chatters away, hooves drumming an impatient rhythm on the tabletop as she enthusiastically recounts her latest stunt. Her raspy voice and occasional voice cracks are music to your ears, an energetic melody that makes your heart swell.
She playfully nudges your leg under the table with her hoof, bringing you back to the present with a jolt. “You in there, egghead?” She teases, cerise eyes sparkling with mirth. You blink and shake your head with an embarrassed chuckle, realizing you had zoned out admiring the way her prismatic mane seemed to glow in the dim lighting of the restaurant.
“Sorry Dash, I was just… distracted.” You murmur, cheeks flushing. She snorts and rolls her eyes in response.
“By what? Me, duh!” Rainbow brags, puffing out her chest. You can’t help but laugh at her antics, the pegasus always knew how to make you smile. “C’mon, I’m way more interesting than whatever nerdy thing you were thinking about. Pay attention!”
You smile softly, reaching across the table to take one of her hooves in your hands, brushing your thumb across her fur. “You’re right Dash, my thoughts seem to drift to you an awful lot these days.”
Her cocky expression softens at your words, cheeks flushing with color to match her mane. “Oh… uh, y-you big sap!” She stammers, looking away in embarrassment even as she presses her hoof against your palm. Your heart flutters at the contact, still amazed this brash pony chose you.
Chuckling, you give her hoof a gentle squeeze. “Maybe so, but you like me anyway.” Rainbow huffs in response, finally meeting your gaze again with a lopsided grin, the light blush still dusting her cheeks.
“Yeah… I really do.” She admits softly. You feel warmth blossom in your chest at the admission, still not used to hearing such heartfelt words from the normally boastful pegasus.
The comfortable silence that falls between you is broken only by the ambient noise of other patrons in the restaurant. Lost in your own world, eyes locked with Rainbow’s, you lift her hoof to brush a featherlight kiss across her hoof’s frog. She inhales sharply at the gesture before her expression softens into the most tender look you’ve ever seen on her face.
“Ya big dork…” Rainbow whispers, though there’s no malice in her tone. She shifts in her seat, moving to rest her forelegs on the table and prop her head up with her hooves, looking at you expectantly. “So, you gonna tell me what’s really on your mind or do I have to drag it out of you?”
You chuckle, giving her hoof another squeeze before releasing it. Where to even begin? There’s so much you want to say, yet words seem to fail you now. Rainbow has always been impatient though, and you know if you don’t speak up she’ll pry it out of you in her own unique way.
Taking a deep breath, you meet her piercing gaze. “I was just thinking… how lucky I am to have you Dash. To be here, together. After everything that’s happened you’re the one thing that kept me grounded, that gave me hope. You saw me at my worst but still found it in you to care, and I’m not sure I can ever properly thank you for that.”
Her ears pin back in embarrassment, lips pressing into a thin line. “Geez, do you hafta get all mushy on me?” She grumbles, glancing away. You can’t help but smile, knowing that behind her prickly exterior your words had struck a chord. Rainbow was never the best at openly expressing emotion.
Reaching across the table once more you gently grasp her chin, turning her head to meet your gaze again. Her eyes widen briefly in surprise before her expression softens, tension bleeding from her frame.
“I love you Rainbow Dash, more than you may ever know. I just thought you should hear me say it.” You murmur sincerely, brushing your thumb over the line of her jaw.
Rainbow blinks slowly, eyes wide as she processes your confession. Her cheeks flare as she glances away with an embarrassed huff, ears pinned back. “Y-you can’t just spring stuff like that on me, ya dweeb!” She protests weakly, though the hint of a smile pulls at her lips.
Chuckling, you give her chin a playful wiggle. “It’s true though, Dash.” You insist, waiting patiently until she finally meets your gaze again. Her eyes are unusually soft, swimming with affection and warmth. When she remains silent you quirk a brow, squeezing her hoof to prompt a response.
“Or did you want me to publicly announce it in front of everyone first?” You tease gently, rewarded when she snorts and shoves at your hands with her hooves.
“In your dreams!” Rainbow scoffs, unable to hide her smile now. She worries her lower lip between her teeth, peering at you through her rainbow bangs. Her voice is barely above a whisper when she speaks again. “I… love you too, ya big doofus. Now will you quit being so sappy?”
Your heart feels fit to burst at her admission. Laughing, you lean forward to press a chaste kiss to her nose which scrunches up in response. “Never.” You murmur against her fur, eliciting a huff of laughter from the pegasus.
When you sit back Rainbow is smiling, eyes crinkled with mirth. A comfortable silence falls over you once more, simply enjoying each other’s company and the ambient sounds of the restaurant. You find yourself studying every detail about her, from the way her mane seems to glow under the dim lighting to how adorably her tail flicks against the back of her chair.
A sly grin slowly spreads across Rainbow’s face as she props herself up on the table, leaning towards you. “Soooo, you gonna invite me back to your place or what?” She asks cheekily, batting her eyes at you.
You can’t help but chuckle at her boldness, heart racing at the implication. “My place huh? What exactly did you have in mind Miss Dash?” You tease, quirking a brow. Her grin only widens in response.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Rainbow purrs, waggling her eyebrows suggestively. A blush rises in your cheeks at her sultry tone and the images it conjures, pulse quickening. You wet your lips, struggling to find your voice.
“Y-yeah… I really would.” You stammer, eliciting a throaty chuckle from the pegasus. She reaches across the table to trail a featherlight touch down your arm with her hoof, gaze smoldering.
“Then I guess you better take me home and find out.”
You swallow thickly, barely trusting your voice. “Check please!”
I am hopelessly addicted to roleplaying with / having AI generate stories for me instead of making pony pics…

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