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⚜️ A debate with intellectual arguments between two ancient beings. ⚜️

safe2118531 artist:magnaluna1233 princess luna114773 queen chrysalis41245 changeling63905 changeling queen23048 pony1479663 g41930810 angry35532 argument1111 behaving like a cat2918 clothes611833 constellation1098 crown28674 cute257262 cute little fangs3235 cutealis2351 drool33362 drool string7730 duo156583 duo female27586 ethereal mane12766 fangs38086 female1740055 floppy ears70363 high res103263 hissing541 horn139838 horn ring7402 jacket18867 jewelry106980 lunabetes4271 madorable1052 necklace30585 regalia34774 ring6349 signature41492 simple background569436 slit pupils7182 white background151919


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Little did a panicking Twilight know that they were speaking an ancient dialect common between ancient bat ponies and changelings and the conversation was actually quite friendly.