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safe2115791 ai content12605 ai generated11630 editor:nightluna61 generator:purplesmart.ai2136 generator:stable diffusion6802 prompter:nightluna130 princess flurry heart9215 alicorn302314 pony1476898 g41641610 crown28545 ear fluff47370 eyelashes24993 female1737496 jewelry106558 looking sideways1902 mare701750 missing cutie mark6163 older37713 older flurry heart2646 open mouth224758 open smile26153 regalia34611 sky21910 smiling375997 snow18354 snowfall5793 solo1380105 the quality of ai art is frightening172 tree45872 winter5920


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Background Pony #C34B
Same here. Purple Smart is the best at Pony. And honestly, I only see one giveaway that’s it’s AI-generated and that’s on the peytral.
Background Pony #F741
I highly doubt this was achieved with purplesmart/pony-diffusion. Looks like NovelAI to me.