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safe2119556 artist:hoshmyposhes82 arizona (tfh)1738 stronghoof hoofstrong (tfh)94 texas (tfh)74 velvet (tfh)1999 bull459 cow4446 deer9281 reindeer3145 them's fightin' herds7508 all of the homo9 antlers3488 blushing261889 buck179 chest fluff61892 community related7916 concave belly2575 countershading453 eeyup289 father and child2376 father and daughter3747 female1742285 funny5272 gay35917 horn173195 implied gay1731 laughing10699 male529953 shipping246047 simple background569787 thought bubble5007 white background152062 yoke78


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Background Pony #CB9B
“Why does Velvet’s pa call yew baby girl-?”
Background Pony #B8CA
The only thing kinkier than thinking someone’s a different is another dilf agreeing the first guy is indeed a dilf
Astral Mist
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Radiant Star/Starwing
@Background Pony #BEC9
Them’s Fightin’ Herds is a fighting game that spun off of Fighting is Magic, a MLP fighting game that was C&D’d by Hasbro. Because of its close connection to the MLP community, main cast that are practically expies of the Main 6 and designed by Lauren Faust, production by a company literally named Main6, and so on, it’s quite commonly accepted as close enough to the community to have on here, along with several other pony-but-not-quite projects like Guardians of Pondonia.
Background Pony #D0D1
Much like the Apples and Pears, the man has the hots for a someone from the feuding family. But now he’s got the small issue of already having a wife and child.