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One of my favorite episodes of MLPFIM, I just HAD to draw this scene from it.
Twi thought that her wife almost died in pudding, they should’ve let them kiss (That means you Shining).

safe2115815 artist:violetpony1141 pinkie pie249815 twilight sparkle349565 alicorn302315 earth pony422133 pony1476915 best gift ever2623 g41642382 cap6408 duo155903 duo female27488 eyes closed133475 female1737511 food97075 hat119289 implied shining armor501 kiss on the lips6059 kissing31310 lesbian114687 levitation15712 magic93651 mare701761 offscreen character49468 pudding383 puddinghead's pudding89 ship:twinkie2169 shipping245703 size difference20243 spread wings88199 telekinesis37774 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145923 wings207439


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