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safe2038807 screencap272130 amethyst star2887 applejack191328 carrot top5953 cherry berry2428 discord35687 fluttershy244484 golden harvest5953 linky1849 pinkie pie243628 princess cadance37747 princess luna111720 rainbow dash265169 rarity207335 shining armor26450 shoeshine1961 sparkler2779 spike88787 twilight sparkle340250 twinkleshine2585 alicorn286653 bird12264 dragon75901 earth pony387944 pegasus433737 pony1392023 unicorn474930 a canterlot wedding3445 boast busters1307 feeling pinkie keen992 friendship is magic3646 it's about time911 luna eclipsed1795 magical mystery cure2738 mmmystery on the friendship express761 season 14768 season 23946 season 32008 suited for success1007 the crystal empire3137 the return of harmony2104 winter wrap up1297 background pony11729 big crown thingy2922 book40456 bridesmaid dress365 bubble pipe274 butt200172 canterlot6690 chaos1427 chariot299 clothes581266 comparison5145 compilation648 costume36269 crystal empire2677 crystallized1618 crystallized pony46 deerstalker331 detective593 discord's throne76 discorded landscape322 dress56182 element of generosity1262 element of honesty1240 element of kindness1401 element of laughter1260 element of loyalty1454 element of magic3202 elements of harmony2773 female1659460 filly88102 filly twilight sparkle3199 friendship express611 future twilight1165 gala dress5110 golden oaks library6161 halloween costume2980 hat113225 jewelry97390 locomotive469 magical mystery cure tenth anniversary50 memories227 nightmare night costume2109 pipe849 ponyville7146 regalia31785 royal guard9955 sherlock hat19 sherlock holmes369 sherlock sparkle74 star swirl the bearded costume419 steam locomotive198 suit8087 throne3902 train3187 twibutt7931 umbrella hat187 unicorn twilight28308 wall of tags5828 young cadance61 younger20861


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Background Pony #9C44
That being said the fanbase for G4 isn’t going to die any time soon if anything might be getting stronger (I’d say give it a another 2 years before we see a decrease) all because of how G5 was handled (they took the hearths warming eve story and stretched it out even though G4 just did that especially when it was implied that such a event would never happen again combine that with how much a tearjerker it already it is with the fact everyone but discord and twilight is dead and forgotten and how unbelievable opaline role is).
Background Pony #9C44
Back then I did see some G4 stuff here and there stuff like clips of the show or certain web videos but never really showed interest on top of having various reasons not to (its art design,I thought it was going to be a little girl show, to people at school insulting it and such) I did show some interest during 2021 and 2022 but not till now 5 years after it did I become a casual fan and I really hate myself for not doing so especially not only am I fans of the mane six but fluttershy is my favorite and I missed out on a great fandom.
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I miss the show so much
@Background Pony #9C44
I envy you. You get to experience the show for the first time. I really wish I could do that again.
But I also feel sad for you. You didn’t get to experience the show when it was new, when the fandom was at it’s peak.
You get to experience a wonderful show, but you’ll also miss out a lot.
Background Pony #9C44
I’m actually watching the show for first time (didn’t give it the chance it deserved when it came out) so I’m learning stuff about it.
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A Player fan!
So these were all the memory scenes when Twilight became a princess? (Ik that bcuz I’m rewatching the series rn and I just finished a season 4 episode)