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This was made over a year ago for the G5 models ported to the ReVAmped anthro base
Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
54 lights used in this scene
Models used:
[*] - The leather jacket and pants aren’t made for the ReVAmped body, therefore to make them work with that body, more manual adjustments have to be made in positioning.

safe2173624 artist:imafutureguitarhero510 hitch trailblazer13870 izzy moonbow21646 pipp petals20956 sunny starscout21476 zipp storm16908 earth pony446021 pegasus496197 unicorn537659 anthro359537 unguligrade anthro65266 g575336 3d122579 adorapipp3227 arm around back89 arm behind head10130 arm on shoulder81 belly button110655 blaze (coat marking)3792 boots33378 cargo pants101 cheek fluff9507 chest freckles1684 chromatic aberration2079 clothes634143 coat markings13456 colored eyebrows1497 colored eyelashes1475 colored hooves12262 colored wings14466 cute265639 denim2574 ear fluff50689 ear freckles544 facial markings6137 female1801943 film grain506 floppy ears72950 fluffy hair257 fluffy mane615 fluffy tail547 frame577 freckles43834 group7954 group photo1070 group shot619 hand freckles49 hoof boots434 horn190140 izzybetes2687 jacket19903 jeans6551 leather3239 leather jacket5304 long nails984 looking at camera302 looking at you259126 male550451 male nipples12561 mane five4212 mare740604 multicolored hair11822 multicolored mane4755 multicolored tail3293 multicolored wings5537 nipples242436 one ear down1462 one eye closed45708 open mouth237380 pants22374 partial nudity29422 partially open wings2209 photo96602 pleated skirt4511 quintet483 revamped anthros1688 revamped ponies823 shadow6884 shirt40400 shoes59371 shorts19605 shredded hitch50 signature43957 sitting92311 sitting on floor116 skirt55512 smiling397182 smiling at you25236 socks (coat markings)8075 source filmmaker67807 stallion195570 sunnybetes1835 tail100543 tank top10885 topless17103 two toned wings6178 unshorn fetlocks46715 waving4269 waving at you375 wings222800 wink32908 winking at you3364


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