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safe2172583 artist:dankpegasista194 derpibooru exclusive40455 twilight sparkle357433 alicorn313735 pony1600756 g42027140 abstract background24070 alicorn magic27 backwards cutie mark4521 bangs637 blue mane3742 butt230961 colored24945 colored eyelashes1473 colored lineart333 colored pupils13232 colorful732 confident1206 detailed1185 dynamic pose105 ear fluff50603 ears back4196 ethereal mane13455 ethereal tail2153 evil grin6449 eyebrows24529 feathered wings2424 female1800798 flowing mane4988 full body7816 full color349 glowing19084 glowing horn29107 gradient background25078 grin62916 high res407717 highlights1133 horn189594 krita224 large wings2939 lighting793 long eyelashes450 looking back86426 looking up23997 magic96524 magic aura8980 mare739844 multicolored hair11800 plot143966 purple eyes5999 purple fur382 quadrupedal2850 raised hoof69808 raised leg11860 raised tail25109 rear view22361 shading4121 shine339 shiny hair101 signature43900 smiling396873 solo1424678 sparkles9084 sparkly eyes1270 spread wings94313 starry eyes5787 sternocleidomastoid1724 tail100331 teeth21854 tricolor mane123 turned head1931 turning129 twibutt9164 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149008 wavy tail266 wingding eyes40211 wings222549


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