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safe2089919 artist:_alixxie_99 misty brightdawn5015 pony1448829 unicorn499499 g559423 alternate design5046 blue background9259 blushing257102 chest fluff60245 coat markings11475 cornrows297 eye clipping through hair12764 eyebrows20136 eyebrows visible through hair9669 female1710675 freckles40329 grin58370 mare684582 nervous8077 nervous smile1951 quadrupedal2679 raised hoof65344 rebirth misty1128 simple background557874 smiling367172 socks (coat markings)6940 solo1360770 sweat37326 sweatdrop5818 toy interpretation401


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Very cute! Semi related, but I think pink/red hair misty should get its own tag soon, kinda like alicorn twilight– too bad you can’t search for this Misty yet, the design is great!