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Derpibooru’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 10th Anniversary Art Event by Moon Flower, Page 5 (20201108)
The whole timeline in one single, gigantic picture. I created it for Derpibooru’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 10th Anniversary Art Event. It contains a rough timeline of Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise mostly focusing on the fouth generation’s Friendship is Magic and my personal life connected with it.
It consists of mixed media, namely (coloured) pencil drawings, vectors, photography, screenshots, plushies put together in a big timeline collage. Some artworks are from official sources, others are done by me or third persons.
Note that this version differs from the one I uploaded on Derpibooru. The rainbow line in the centre is now aligned correctly.
My Pretty Pony  
Hasbro’s toyline preceding My Little Pony.
My Little Pony  
Hasbro launches the MLP toyline succeeding the relatively unsuccessful My Pretty Pony toys.
My Little Pony  
The brand’s first animated release.
1986 September 25  
My Little Pony  
First animated series following the movies.
My Little Pony  
4th incarnation of the toy brand.
2010 October 10  
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic  
Debut of the 4th generation’s animated series following Twilight Sparkle discovering the power of friendship.
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls  
Launch of a MLP:FiM spin-off franchise.
2013 June 13  
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls  
First animated release of the spin-off as movie under the same name, introducing a parallel human universe.
2015, Summer  
Encountered second episode of major depression which lasted about 2 years. Partner left me, I failed at university, got physical agony which turned out to be biliary colics, and running costs which left a financial dent.
2015, late Autumn  
Distracting myself, I finished binge-watching “Samurai Jack” and continued with MLP:FiM. So far I felt rather ambivalent about its omnipresence on the net.
The constantly worsening state of my physique and psyche got me about 2 months into hospital where I finally found out I had biliary colics, a clogged appendix and major depression.  
I had the most peaceful dream in my life featuring a house while waking up from anaesthesia. I also had a phase with over 40°C body temperature paired with very low blood pressure.
2016, continued  
As follow-up I got into psychiatric day-care hospital where I started drawing. The first picture was a horse and the third one Fluttershy.  
I also got sent to a psychotherapist I still visit nowadays where I learnt quite some stuff about myself including having depression creeping around since childhood. At some point I became Moon Flower on the net which marked a new beginning.
2017 January 02  
My mum died, another big setback to me.
01 April 2017  
C_ left a message on my Steam profile after he discovered me on “Super Hexagon”‘s game forums. He did because he noticed my profile picture being my Fluttershy drawing and so we got in touch due to My Little Pony.
2017 April 15  
Equestria Daily live-streams “All Bottled Up”(S07E02). I meet Nyerguds on Fimfiction’s IRC where people discussed about the episode. Yet another new contact due to MLP.
25 May 2017  
Nyerguds took the daring decision to turn my joke about visiting me into reality. Our first contact was extremely awkward to me but in the end I had a real close friend again after a long time.
2017 December 06  
My Little Pony: The Movie  
The one and only theatrical release of the main series which greatly expanded the MLP universe.
2017 December 24  
First published depiction of Moon Flower, a screenshot from “Legends of Equestria”.
2018 June 08-10  
I attended for the first time a convention “Derpyfest 2018”. Nyerguds accompanied me.
2018 October 31-November 04  
Attended “Flüüfff 2018” together with Nyerguds.
2018 December 26  
My first published drawing of Moon Flower, in conjunction to Derpibooru’s Community Collaboration 2018.
2019 April 11  
Darkest Hour gifted me a drawing of Moon Flower.
2019 April 22  
C_ decided to visit me and now I have two real close friends due to My Little Pony.
2019 June 17  
I move to a therapeutic apartment.
2019 October 12  
Last episode of the main series, showing a fully grown-up Twilight Sparkle with an adult Spike at her side and teaching her very own faithful student, Luster Dawn.
2019 November 20-24  
Attended “Flüüfff 2019” again with Nyerguds. I commissioned there my first two art pieces. Moon Flower drawn by Yulynh and FynTheCat.
My Little Pony: Pony Life  
A direct follow-up to MLP:FiM.
2020 January 24  
Stop Motion Shorts  
Pony Life’s first animated series appearance.
2020 July 22  
I started working in horse stables of a sheltered workshop.
2020 November 09 @ 2100 UTC+0  
Deadline of Derpibooru’s MLP:FiM 10th Anniversary Art Event. I procrastinated a lot before bringing my ideas onto paper.

safe2154551 artist:bastler367 artist:darkest hour3 artist:moon flower81 artist:nyerguds2 artist:phat_guy181 derpibooru exclusive39919 edit171273 edited screencap89351 screencap293894 applejack198788 bow tie (g1)373 capper dapperpaws1796 captain celaeno1392 derpy hooves57071 doctor whooves11750 firefly2121 fluttershy256102 grubber919 li'l cheese718 luster dawn2101 medley342 moochick95 pinkie pie253626 princess skystar2480 queen novo1864 rainbow dash277333 rarity215862 songbird serenade1428 spike91835 starlight glimmer59349 storm king1457 tempest shadow18932 time turner11750 trixie78961 twilight787 twilight sparkle354717 oc936483 oc:comment146 oc:darkest hour44 oc:downvote551 oc:favourite146 oc:moon flower52 oc:nyerguds2 oc:prince whateverer193 oc:upvote205 oc:viva reverie93 abyssinian1587 alicorn310158 alien1916 ambiguous species143 bird13551 butterfly9607 cat8784 earth pony437978 fish3731 hippogriff13430 horse4426 human240764 humanoid484 insect3498 pegasus488023 pony1582529 sea pony2156 unicorn528855 anthro354745 derpibooru7968 legends of equestria727 mlp fim's tenth anniversary599 series:derpibooru's my little pony:friendship is magic 10th anniversary event by moon flower8 equestria girls253256 g121128 g42007233 g4.57689 my little pony: pony life6821 my little pony: the movie21386 my pretty pony52 the last problem8038 10147 19814 19827 1984115 198616 2010101 20131825 20151213 2016728 2017745 2018623 2019854 2020945 4de388 absurd file size3309 absurd resolution67072 ambiguous gender2437 angry36270 apple20983 argyle63 armor30814 arrow2932 art event13 arthropod53 avatar793 balloon12930 banner2602 baseball cap2917 beard5558 bed56789 belgian flag5 belgium70 bench3660 black hair1012 black sclera3345 blanket7424 blonde hair1258 blood31081 blue body284 blue eyes12153 blue fur873 blue hair1958 body markings1075 boots32892 bow43961 box6348 bracelet15304 broken horn15857 brony history334 brown body26 brown fur324 brown hair776 building3491 bush4518 butt226831 candy9796 cantermore (legends of equestria)5 cap6636 cape14297 caption25801 carpet1539 cartoon network496 castle2928 castle of friendship (mlp)2 catalogue6 chair11625 christian cross3 claws7154 clothes625690 cloud42577 collage2049 collar47265 colored24623 colored pencil drawing2179 colt20333 column334 confetti2610 convention3100 cowboy342 cowboy hat25205 crescent moon2777 crown29429 curtains3968 cutie mark51414 dangerously high res48 depressed1217 depression502 derpibooru ponified909 derpyfest5 derpyfest 20183 dialogue91093 diamond1152 digital art29034 door5481 drool34087 ear piercing42695 earring31961 english3660 equestria girls logo899 equine914 eyes closed137070 eyeshadow29256 facial hair9915 fangs39255 feather8476 feathered wings2359 feline251 female1781305 feral442 figurine2229 flag5553 floppy ears71910 flower38703 flying54230 flüüfff4 flüüfff 20182 flüüfff 20194 foal42889 folded wings18899 food99981 fountain869 freckles42998 friendship is magic logo3 front view1765 frown35540 fruit1621 fur1064 gem10510 german flag33 germany769 gimp435 glowing18407 glowing horn28720 grass15022 gravestone1258 gray body38 gray fur99 grayscale48419 green body22 green eyes9305 green feathers9 green fur237 green hair876 grey hair480 gritted teeth19111 group photo1049 hair3317 hair bow25148 hairband1970 hairpin3597 hand12512 hand hold3 handwriting66 happy birthday mlp:fim1556 hasbro2742 hat122700 headphones10398 heart74661 helmet15629 hill1314 holding5301 hooves25623 horn179087 horned helmet403 hospital bed688 hourglass469 house3417 indoors7723 infusion3 injection157 irl82853 iv bag22 jacket19579 jewelry110765 jumping4542 lantern2702 leg warmers3571 lego2071 lego figurine1 legwear282 lidded eyes46792 light skin6077 lights1321 lineart24270 logo6136 lollipop3243 looking at each other33540 looking at someone14994 looking at you254576 looking away5476 lying down44713 lying on bed2820 magazine1363 magic95553 magic wand887 makeup39352 male543170 mammal122 mane3343 mare728345 mattress322 meep104 melee weapon69 messy hair1433 meta18484 microphone7406 mixed media462 mole (marking)2 monochrome173640 moon31050 moon flower logo11 mountain7465 moustache3881 multicolored hair11483 mushroom1407 my little pony1253 my little pony logo6128 necklace31806 necktie11032 night37328 nurse hat1054 on bed7830 on side9321 open mouth233108 orange body110 orange fur379 orange hair454 outdoors20730 path645 paws7179 pencil drawing11071 photo95725 photographed artwork4 photography734 piercing62657 pillow25140 pink body418 pink eyes1875 pink fur374 pink hair2670 pink pupils2 pirate hat783 plus sign24 plushie30699 poland531 polish flag13 ponified50282 pony history502 poster6927 profile picture463 prone34578 purple body100 purple eyes5709 purple fur374 purple hair2015 rainbow6570 rainbow hair4666 raised arm500 raised hoof68478 raised leg11607 raised tail24683 red body106 red eyes11346 red fur282 red hair1617 regalia35744 ribbon8997 rock6139 rubber duck700 samurai jack301 samurai jack (samurai jack)2 samurai jack (series)2 serious1657 sharp teeth6214 shawl452 shirt39527 shoes58317 side view3636 signature42643 simple background585621 sitting90767 sky22622 slit pupils7426 smiling389959 spacesuit1661 speech bubble38147 spikes1054 spread wings91953 stained glass1838 stallion191779 standing24080 star (coat marking)701 starry night1051 starry sky226 stars22934 suit8895 sun9083 super hexagon8 sword14675 tags733 tail95899 talking10508 teeth21083 text87880 three-quarter view19 throne4305 throne room1749 timeline100 title325 toeless legwear73 tongue out144936 topwear29 tower553 toy25242 traditional art141704 tree48305 tube287 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148055 vector89313 video game5994 walking cane3 wall of tags6416 water24653 weapon40740 wheel625 white background157657 white feathers3 white hair799 window13580 wings217009 wizard hat1244 yellow body119 yellow eyes3861 yellow fur346 yellow hair630 young1922


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