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A recent moment from my Equestria dreamscape. Applebloom flipped her deep rose mane to one side of her head so Stone Mane could see the back part of the top she was wearing. Looking over the back over her shoulder she smiled at him.
“So. What do ya think? Ya like it? I got this fer the concert were going ta next month.”
They were sitting on Stone Mane’s bed in Baltimare. It was a late afternoon with a light breeze blowing throwing the windows of his second story bedroom. The golden afternoon light danced off the glistening black ensemble. With a concerted effort he looked Applebloom in the eyes.
“It’s really nice.” His left eyes Applebloom’s soft caramel brown and he took in the multitude of shiny black surfaces and zippers. In very interesting locations. After a second he spoke again. “So, um did Rarity make it for you?”
The buttercream yellow young mare laid down her right side and looked at the colt at the other end of the bed. “Actually no. I had a mare in Canterlot make these here thread fer me. Although Rarity did take all the measurements fer it.”
Stone Mane arched an eyebrow as his gaze moved up and down taking in the sight. “Huh, I figgered she’d make it herself. Was she too busy to do it?”
Appleboom shook her head. “Nah! She just figgered it be better fer some other pony ta make it. Ta avoid conflicts of interest and stuff like that.”
Stone Mane chuckled. “Meaning she didn’t wanna get on yer sister’s bad side?”
The young mare giggled. “Ya sumthin like that!” She rolled over on to her side so once again the young stallion could see the back of the outfit. “Of course this seamstress was a unicorn as well. Ya can tell cuz some of the zippers kind of hard ta git at without help. So either ya need ta do that levitation stuff or git a friend ta help.”
The nutmeg brown stallion’s face scrunched up. “Some of those tabs on those zippers are kind of small for getting a hoof on.”
Applebloom giggled. “Well her recommendation was ta have yer assistant use their teeth ta work them.”
As she said this Applebloom raised her tail revealing the zipper at the base of her tail. She smiled as Stone Mane’s face became a redder brown.

suggestive191617 artist:baron engel2714 apple bloom60349 earth pony509645 semi-anthro22756 g42042696 arm hooves17338 bloom butt1268 butt233594 clothes639845 female1816340 grayscale49485 leather3322 looking at you262064 looking back87414 looking back at you30025 monochrome175696 pants22633 pencil drawing11386 signature45019 solo1436032 solo female236056 story in the source2845 story included13172 traditional art143915 twerking1049


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