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safe1706836 artist:madmax1668 pinkie pie216241 rainbow dash233992 earth pony248913 pegasus291977 pony968020 2010s100 2012651 bandage5692 bipedal34582 blue eyes5099 blue fur356 blue wings74 boxing1103 boxing shorts91 clothes459760 confident773 dark grey background2 determined765 female1363496 fight6151 gym shorts299 hoof wraps129 mare480825 martial arts410 multicolored hair5574 multicolored mane1558 multicolored tail1191 pink eyes678 pink fur91 pink mane812 pink tail238 rainbow hair2420 rainbow tail279 serious1176 shadow4118 shorts13980 smiling248587 smirk12480 tomboy1166 wings107459


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

And then RD beats the tar out of Pinkie using a easy to perform but difficult to implement technique that turns all her speed into attack and stuns her opponent if successful.