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safe2200839 artist:hakaina410 sunny starscout22363 earth pony516034 pony1631257 g578626 backlighting1319 beautiful8802 bed59204 bedroom17439 book44320 braid10232 braided ponytail856 chest fluff67442 coat markings14500 colored25582 crepuscular rays5295 cute269615 depth of field312 ear fluff52475 eyelashes27690 female1832701 fluffy19993 gradient hooves1312 green eyes10333 high res409312 hoof fluff3385 hoof on chin1025 leg fluff5396 looking at something5179 looking down15095 lying down49229 mare760358 on bed8652 pillow26057 ponytail28029 potted plant968 prone35976 reading8244 scrunchie640 shading4257 shadow7058 signature45773 smiling406994 socks (coat markings)8696 solo1448056 spine322 sunnybetes1935 unshorn fetlocks48773 window14579


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IRL 🎠 stallion
Love the shading. Makes her look like she has an all-natural fur coat grown out for the winter.
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Background Pony #AAFD
Is it her being a nerd/dork, or is she a part of the literature club (population just her, just like Twilight Sparkle)?
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