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dead source30356 suggestive162173 artist:garam180 spike84564 twilight sparkle322110 unicorn401918 anthro295734 adorasexy10942 ass60864 bent over4520 blue mane1796 book37282 bookshelf4382 breasts319164 busty twilight sparkle13654 butt142997 clothes525560 cute222878 cutie mark51692 female1517281 horn101361 implied spike875 indoors4534 jeans4907 long mane3977 looking back68097 multicolored mane2632 pants17354 pink mane1316 purple mane938 raised tail18777 sexy34742 shirt29708 solo1195871 solo female197239 tail51588 the ass was fat16896 thighlight sparkle630 thighs18925 thunder thighs10773 twiabetes13187 twibutt6639 unicorn twilight22880 watch1577 wristwatch585


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With the trend of skinny jeans had twilight wonder if she was to be showing camel toe through her pants when on the lower shelf a book with the cover of spike was to have the view of camel toe.
Background Pony #4A0F
What happened to that clopfic on fimfiction titled “Pounding the Purple Plot” that used this as a cover?
Background Pony #FF03
Me:Oh uuuh..twilight is thee a book of…I don’t k-know uhhh…  
Twilight:It’s ok I’ll find a book for you.(walk’s to the bookshelf)Let’s see..  
Me:Uuuuuh T-twilight.  
Twilight:Yes (look’s behind)Oh!  
Twilight:I’m so so sorry!  
Me:O///O It’s ok T-twilight.