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Alright, so I don’t really draw ponies or anything Friendship is Magic-related all that much nowadays. Mostly because I lost interest and since focused on other things I like such as Cuphead and Splatoon, and also Generation 5 not really interesting me despite its nods to the previous generation either. (No offense to others who actually do like G5 though, and I’m happy to hear if you did, too!) Though with the series since turning 12 years old now, I wanted to make a piece commemorating that, and I ended up drawing out the older version of Princess Twilight Sparkle!
Happy 12 years to Friendship is Magic as well! 💖✨

safe2119622 artist:thewallop-cat126 twilight sparkle349966 alicorn303073 pony1548562 g41933948 the last problem7836 armor30186 breastplate113 crown28733 hoof shoes9099 horn173204 jewelry107236 older37809 older twilight3202 peytral6860 princess twilight 2.03657 regalia34845 solo1383077 spread wings88612 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146105 wings208733


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