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Me: “Oh I’ll just do a scene redraw for fun, surely it won’t take too long right?” 
My brain: *cackles deviously* but what if you fully finished it?? 
ANYWAY. This is a redraw of a scene from season 9 of MLP:FiM, as I’m sure you’re all aware. I had a lot of fun getting the like, sunset to feel particularly strong here. Also it taught me a lot about how much my normal honses differ from the show models!!

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safe2118020 artist:willoillo420 rarity212914 twilight sparkle349831 alicorn302734 pony1479172 unicorn512582 g41926692 the last problem7832 alternate hairstyle36392 clothes611691 coronation dress946 dress59467 duo156483 female1739625 height difference1968 mare703199 scene interpretation10647 second coronation dress317 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146036 unshorn fetlocks43183


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