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Commission for MTF-Epsilon-6 MTF-Epsilon-6
Based off a fan fiction! Author and fic here and here!

safe2039446 artist:therainbowtroll42 kotobukiya1246 applejack191369 fluttershy244539 pinkie pie243673 princess celestia107479 princess luna111749 rainbow dash265219 scootaloo56413 twilight sparkle340326 alicorn286771 pegasus434002 pony1392691 unicorn475269 4 panel comic249 applejack's hat12464 beach chair1170 betrayal587 blushing248116 bucket3018 butt expansion1661 cannon1073 chair10619 comic127763 cowboy hat22801 cross-popping veins2436 crown26489 deep frier4 dialogue84014 disproportionate retribution211 eating12232 emanata1657 food91766 fuse135 glowing14609 glowing horn26748 grass13470 gritted teeth17444 growth7565 hat113271 hatsune miku680 horn127473 imagine spot265 implied butt expansion40 jewelry97613 kfc247 kotobukiya hatsune miku pony241 laughing10058 looking at someone9711 looking at something4235 lowering8 magic89533 magic aura7442 onomatopoeia7008 open mouth208827 peril1121 pinpoint eyes1234 ponified47813 pony cannonball322 popcorn1853 prank1651 regalia31803 rope14688 scootachicken981 screaming4439 shocked9260 sky20289 smiling349813 smirk16596 sound effects3364 speech bubble34165 stage3790 suspended3612 sweat35492 sweatdrop5156 teeth17064 telekinesis35747 the ass was fat19477 this will end in a trip to the moon67 thought bubble4711 to the moon352 tree43103 trolluna176 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141776 vocaloid994 volumetric mouth1204
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Sunny Starscout fan
Wait, is this based on the one FiMfiction story where Scootaloo and Luna work together to pull the ultimate prank on Celestia, giving her a drink that expands her hindquarters in front of a large audience, only for Celly to send Scoots on a one way ticket to the Moon in response?
If so, this is quite well done (though it should be noted that Celestia lured Scootaloo into that trap, rather than forced her into it).